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Moving House & Avoiding the Pitfalls (and floor damage!)

Moving house is undoubtedly one of the top most stressful experiences of your life - and one you do well to prepare for. The phrase fail to prepare - prepare to fail can definitely be applied in this situation!
To help WHICH? put together this amazing checklist which I thought would be great to share. The only thing they have 'got wrong' is how best to protect floors. Laying down sheets is a great start - but the BEST way to protect your floors when moving heavy objects is to use our Tranzorap Sliders - also known as Furniture and Appliance Surface Saver Sliders (try saying that after a few!). 
Manufactured in house - our Surface Saver Sliders are the ideal solution to protect your floors from scratches and damage during the move. Even better a small pair of sliders only costs £14, and a large single slider a very reasonable £31.
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Which - Moving House Checklist
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