If you've been a customer of Flexible's for any length of time you will no doubt have stumbled across Amy, but you may still be intrigued by some of her answers!

How long have you worked at Flexible?
17.5 years
What did you do before you worked here?
I worked in Kavos for the summer whilst working at an insurance company. While I was there I met Sean, my now husband - he persuaded me it would be a good idea to uproot from Yorkshire to the dark side to live together.
What is your job title?
Sales Office Manager
What are your main duties at Flexible?
Order processing, costings, quotes, chasing delivery dates, incoming enquiries and anything else I can do to help the customer sales process. No job too big or too small!
Tell me about your family / home / pets.
I live at home with my husband Sean and two sons, Buddy aged 6 and Charlie aged 16 months.
What hobbies do you have – what do you enjoy doing at the weekends?
I don’t get chance to do my own things anymore as it’s all about Buddy and Charlie but when I do we like music, football, eating out and socialising with friends
Favourite food
Literally anything! I love food.
Hidden talent
I’m a good footballer and can do 50+ kick ups 😊, never mind Bend it Like Beckham, this is Megs it Like McBreen!
Have you ever met anyone famous
Yep, Peter Kay and my cousin (well my second cousin) - he plays in a band from Sheffield………….you might have heard of them - The Arctic Monkeys
Best concert you’ve ever been to?
The obvious answer would be The Arctic Monkeys - but most recently I'd say Ed Sheeran. Beyonce was equally amazing a few years ago.  
Share a fun(ny) fact about yourself
Embarrassingly - I once walked in to my parents glass patio doors thinking it was open (damn them for keeping them so clean!) and in the process made a really good job of busting my nose.
To try and avoid any drama and not realising my nose was bleeding profusely I told everyone I was fine -  just stubbed my toe. Unfortunately my face told a different story.