GLENN PARKINSON, Flexible Reinforcements

Glenn is our Sales man, travelling up and down the country - rarely in the office, but always on the end of the phone. There is nothing he doesn't know about the industry, he may only have worked for Flexible since 2019 - but he's been in this business for longer than he cares to mention!


What did you do before you worked here?

Sales Manager for a UK PVC Manufacturer

What is your job title?

Business Development & Technical Sales Executive

What are your main duties at Flexible?

Sales and new business development

Tell me about your family / home / pets.

I live in the beautiful county of Suffolk with my wife of 32 years, Sarah. Our two children have long since flit the nest. We share our home with a tank full of tropical fish, a gecko and two gorgeous Cockerjacks called Alfie and Hazel.

What hobbies do you have – what do you enjoy doing at the weekends?

Walking is my principal pass time. The rolling countryside of South Suffolk is fabulous walking territory. I often use holiday times to travel further afield and have walked many UK National Trails either in full or part. Homebrewing is another hobby, mostly beer but I have dabbled with stronger stuff. I also have a collection of guitar which I play very badly! Finally - I am a student of the 1888 Whitechapel Murders with a collection of over 140 books.

Favourite food

Coq au vin. I have an great, authentic French recipe that I picked up years ago which never fails.

Hidden talent

I really enjoy cooking and I’m told I’m pretty good at it!

Have you ever met anyone famous

No, but the one person that I would really like to meet is Keith Richards.

Best concert you’ve ever been to

I've seen The Rolling Stones 7 times, they are the best live band I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t pick the best gig but Roundhay Park 1982 sticks in my mind, probably because it was the first one.

Would you pick mornings or nights


Crisps or chocolate

Neither, pork scratchings for me every time!

Favourite holiday destination

Anywhere with my wife!! If I were to pick one place I’d probably say Jersey.

Share a fun(ny) fact about yourself

I once taught English in a school in the North East of France. There is an entire generation of French schoolchildren in the Avesnois region that speak English with an East Lancashire accent!


What we can take from this information is that if you need to know about anything PVC related, are curious about the Whitechapel Murders or need a recipe to cook an authentic Coq Au Vin - Glenn's your man!