Interview with CEO and Owner Henrik Salomon, Keofitt A/S

Our subcontractors must master the latest technology


Keofitt A/S makes a living creating innovative, high quality products, and thus it’s important that their subcontractors are leading in knowledge of cutting edge technology. This is the case with Carmo, and that’s why they were asked to develop a component for an award nominated product.

“With Carmo you get the feeling that the whole organization is interested and involved whenever you contact them about something”

– Henrik Salomon, Keofitt A/S

It took a year of numerous meetings, and extensive communication between Carmo and Keofitt before the product was ready to be launched. During this time Henrik felt like he was on safe ground as he was in continual contact with the key people in charge of product development.

“With Carmo you get the feeling that the whole organisation is interested and involved whenever you contact them about something. You get consistant responses, as each individual is aligned and understands the goal”, he says.

The continuity of contact with Carmo, is why Keofitt A/S is looking forward to continuing and developing the close relationship they have fostered in the future.

“We’re a quite small organization with many irons in the fire, and we’re outsourcing a lot. Therefore it’s important for us to have a close co-operation with our subcontractors, who we consider an integral part of our business . This requires a high level of intimacy and loyalty, which I always feel is present in our relationship with Carmo”, says Henrik Salomon.

Even though the cooperation between Carmo and Keofitt is relatively new, it has already paid off. Keofitt’s solution for collecting and transporting liquid samples was nominated for an innovation award at the biannual Food Tech Conference, which took place in Herning in November 2012.