Our Flexible-FAQ's

  • Is your PVC suitable for Litho Printing?

Our PVC is not specifically manufactured for Litho Printing, however, we do know that lots of our customer use it for Litho printing without any issue. We always recommend testing before doing so if you are using this printing method and would be happy to supply up to 2m FOC to test before any orders are placed with us.

  • Is your Polypropylene suitable for Litho printing?

Yes, our Polypropylene is suitable for Litho printing and has a 12 month guaranteed shelf life for this application.

  • Can you produce to other colours not in your range of PVC and Polypropylene?

Yes, we can produce to any Pantone reference if the colour you require is not within our stock range. Special makings are subject to a MOQ and lead time. Quotes would need to be obtained at the time of your enquiry.

  • Can you produce in other thicknesses not in your range?

Yes, as with alternative colours we can produce PVC and Polypropylene to other thicknesses/sizes. Special makings are again subject to a MOQ and lead time,  and again quotes would need to be obtained at the time of your enquiry.

  • Can you produce to any other embosses not in your range?

Yes, other embosses can be produced. We have swatch books available to show what capabilities are available to be made or alternatively we would ask you to send us a sample, showing what you need for us to be able to quote like for like. As above - special makings are again subject to a MOQ. Lead time and quotes would need to be obtained at the time of your enquiry.

  • Are you able to tell me where your PVC is produced?

Unfortunately due to confidentiality agreements in place we are unable to divulge the information of where we have our PVC produced. We use several different manufacturers for our range of PVC’s. What we are able to tell you is that most of our products are produced in Europe. Certificate of Conformities are available on request.

  • Are you able to give me a better price on larger quantities ordered?

We will always do our best to give the best price possible. For quantity orders please ask for our current price list - as this is our best reflection of current prices. For larger orders again, we can always look to see if anything can be saved at the time of order although this is not always guaranteed - it's worth asking.

  • If we wanted to collect our own order, is this possible?

Of course, this wouldn’t be a problem at all. We would just need to get the order picked and ready for you and then arrange a suitable time to collect.

  • Do we have our own drivers or sub-contract out to couriers?

We don’t have our own fleet of vehicles and everything is sent out via various transport haulages. We are always looking at carriage costs and use the most competitive and trustworthy firms.

  • Are your PVC’s phthalate free?

Yes, all our material is now phthalate free (DOTP) The reason for this is to comply with EU REACH specifications concerning plasticisers which came into effect in 2015. 

  • What are your office and warehouse opening hours?

Our office is available Monday – Fridays officially between 9am and 5pm but you will always find someone is available from 8am most days and our warehouse is open Monday – Weds 7am – 5.30pm, Thursdays 7.30am – 3.30pm and closed Fridays.

  • Do you have any information on the recyclability on your PVC?

Our PVC is fully recyclable & can be “up-cycled” into new products at end-of-life. For more information contact sales who will be happy to help with any queries or questions you have.