Frequently Asked CARMO Questions Answered

Do you have Carmo's full range in stock?

We only hold Carmo's most popular items in stock at the moment, but as we learn about our customers needs we will add to the range we hold.

Can I order a box quantity and you hold it for me to call off over a period of time?

Yes - we are happy to be able to larger orders from customers that have suitable accounts with us and hold stock for you to call off over an agreed period of time.

If you don't hold stock - how long will it take to receive my order?

Each month we collate our customers orders to place one large order with Carmo to achieve the best possible prices for you. Generally we place the order towards the end of the month (3rd week) and receive the order around 7-10 days later.

Can I order less than the box quantity?

Yes! We are more than happy to organise a small order. Please get in touch with the sales team for a quote as there are price breaks and small order surcharges for the re-packing that will impact the price you pay.

Can I expediate an order and pay additional carriage outside the monthly delivery timeframes?

Unfortunately - as a rule, we are unable to get single orders expediated from Carmo outside of our schedule. However, there are always exceptions and this is generally down to the volume you are looking to order. 

Can I view the full Carmo suite of products? 

Absolutely - just follow this LINK to the Carmo website to view everything they have available.

Is there any helpful technical information available that I might want to be aware of?

Here are a couple of links to really good technical videos explaining high frequency (HF) welding and HF welding of eyelets.