CARMO CASE STUDY - LANCO (Tents and Shelters)


Interview with Ramona Voivoda, Marketing Director at LANCO Group GmbH

LANCO manufactures high-quality tents and shelters used by defence clients, civilian governments, international organisations, and agencies in extreme climates worldwide. Carmo has been a valued supplier for Lanco, for more than 10 years, providing parts that are durable even in extreme temperatures

LANCO was founded in Germany in 1953 and has established itself as an industry leader in fully integrated deployable tent and shelter solutions. Ramona Voivoda, Marketing Director at LANCO Group GmbH, explains the choice of Carmo as supplier:

“LANCO’s solutions are used in extreme climates all over the world, and therefore the components used in our products must be of a very high quality. Carmo’s components are durable in all climates, and we are very pleased with the quality of the cleats, handles and eyelets we get from Carmo. We have never had any complaints about any of Carmo’s components.”

LANCO is based in Europe, headquartered in Germany and with the main manufacturing unit in Romania. For LANCO, European production means that they supply quality and responsiveness. Ramona Voivoda explains that this is also the case with their suppliers:

“Carmo is a trustworthy supplier, and the fact that Carmo is based in Europe is important to us. They always deliver in the quality we need, the components we agree upon and in due time. Naturally, the responsiveness of Carmo’s sales team is of great value to us, and we have no reason to consider another supplier than them.”