It's highly likely that if you've been placing orders with us already, Jen will have helped you out along the way. Here's a bit about her!

How long have you worked at Flexible?

Only since April 2022, I am the newbie.

What did you do before you worked here?

I worked in the aluminium can-making industry, the papermaking industry and also, a very long time ago, as a primary school teacher.

What is your job title?

Office Co-Ordinator/Administrator

What are your main duties at Flexible?

A bit of everything, admin wise. I am here to keep things ticking over really.

Tell me about your family / home / pets.

Born and brought up in Lancashire, I have moved over the dark side (Yorkshire) in 2022No pets, as I spend too much time away from home (apart from the Covid years).

What hobbies do you have – what do you enjoy doing at the weekends?

I love films, books and trivia quizzes. Until recently I ran a local pub quiz for a few years, which I put together myself. I also like to get out walking when I can.

Favourite food

Salt and Pepper chicken pieces from my local Chinese takeaway....or chocolate.

Hidden talent

It would have to be some weird film-related thing, like I can name all the actors who played the Magnificent Seven in the 1960 film (without Googling). 

Have you ever met anyone famous?

I have met a few famous people but the nicest one was Bez from Happy Mondays.  He was very sweet and let me take a photo of him with my friend who was a big fan.


Favourite holiday destination 

San Francisco.  I have been twice (even though I don’t like flying and don’t usually go back to places on holiday).  It’s big enough to be a 24 hour city but small enough to walk around and the people are really lovely.  Weather isn’t too bad either.