This isn't my first time as a Flexible employee, and it's great to be back.

How long have you worked at Flexible?

As of January 2023 I have been back for 1 whole year. I also worked at Flexible for a couple of years back in 2005. I handed my role over to the lovely Amy.

What did you do before you worked here?

I ran my own business for 10 years (Laser engraving and personalisation), selling online through various online platforms. Before that I worked as a Community Liaison Officer at Johnson Matthey for 7 years – linking Business and Education and supporting the company Marketing and Brand Strategy.

What is your job title?

Technical Sales Executive

What are your main duties at Flexible?

Setting up our new website to take us into the digital world of online sales, our business to customer newsletters, along with order processing and helping with enquiries. You may also find me covering dispatch in the warehouse some days when Sam is off. I like being busy, and it really is a team effort here at Flexible - which I love.

Tell me about your family / home / pets

I live near a small village called Chipping, about 50 minutes away from the office, with my husband, 13 year old twin boys, a cat, a dog and two pigmy goats. I'm planning on adding a Shetland pony to that list (for me!)

What hobbies do you have? 

Big walks, wild swims, paddleboarding, BBQ’s, Pizza nights, pub teas and G&T’s all with family and friends.

Favourite food

Sunday Roast – all the trimmings, must have Yorkshire Pudding whether it’s Roast Beef or not, and don't scrimp on condiments.

Hidden talent

I can still do a headstand, not quite mastered it on the paddleboard yet!

Have you ever met anyone famous

When I was travelling in America I was in the audience of the Jerry Springer show and got to meet him and Steve (if you know you know).

Share a fun(ny) fact about yourself 

Years ago, (many years ago!) I had a part time job in Clitheroe. On my way to work I stopped in town to nip to the bank. I arrived into work and about an hour into the day glanced outside to where my car should have been parked. It was missing. It had clearly been stolen. I immediately (over-reacted) and reported it to the police, got myself a crime reference number and they were sending someone round later that day to chat to me. The details were circulated throughout the force, to keep their eye out for the Burgundy Renault Clio that I loved. After ringing a friend to tell her about said theft and express my shock, she said but I’ve just seen your car parked outside the bank though. The dawning realisation that I had parked in town, walked to work and left my car behind hit me. The police were very understanding when I called!!